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Vaccinations and Exemptions

Question 14 - Vaccinations 

Question: I've read that many people believe that vaccines can cause autism and even SIDS in children. Has there ever been a case of a child getting autism or dying of SIDS who WASN'T vaccinated? Yes, I visit Dr Mercola's website regularly. And he is opposed to vaccines...honestly, I am too. It's just really hard to find any research online about the link with vaccines. If it's a coverup, and I suspect it is, it's a really good one.

find a lawyerAnswer: Autism results from a toxic overload of pollutants in the body, often combined with undiagnosed Lyme disease. So yes, it is possible to get autism without vaccines. It's rare, though, as opposed to extremely common (1 in 100) in vaccinated kids. There STILL has not been a large scale study comparing vaccinated kids to unvaccinated kids. Generation Rescue did a phone survey, which showed a HUGE difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated kids in terms of autism. Homefirst Health Services in Chicago, which has had 35,000 children as patients, has not had a single autism case. They do not vaccinate their patients. The connection between vaccines and autism is not so hard to find, if you know where to look. Google Hannah Poling. Learn the alternate words for autism such as "encephalopathy" that lawyers use when suing (and winning) in vaccine court. They are much more likely to win a case in which the word "autism" is not used, since it is so political. Another great blog to follow is You'll learn a LOT there. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is simply when the cause of death of an infant is unknown, or when the doctors do know but say they don't. So of course there are going to be some unexplained deaths of unvaccinated infants. But my guess is a *lot* fewer than vaccinated infants. It sure would be nice if the government were brave enough to do a study comparing the two populations. But they're too afraid of what they would find. "Pink P," since you thought it would be better to be "safe than sorry," your choice to vaccinate was an interesting one. When unsure, shouldn't the default be NOT injecting toxic substances such as as aluminum and formaldehyde into the body, and injecting three or four live viruses into the body in one day (bypassing the normal route of infection)? Vaccines are not required for school or daycare. Here is the exemption information for each state.

Question 15 - Mandatory Or Not?

Question: Today at the doctor my daughter got the hpv shot the doctor said it was mandatory but the shot was not daughter is 10 years old. i was wondering if u can sue because the shot was not mandatory and i told her no but she still did it.and what was the shot approved by?

Answer: The doctor lied, and committed malpractice. But I don't think you'd have any luck finding a lawyer to take your case. However, you should definitely make a formal written complaint about the doctor to your state's medical board. Find out the procedure to do this. In the future, don't ever let a doctor bully you into anything. You can always go home, do research, and come back later. There are 3 doses of the HPV vaccine. You can skip the remaining two if you want. In the United States, there is no such thing as mandatory vaccines. There are school vaccine requirements, but every state except Mississippi and West Virginia have philosophical or religious exemptions available. Here's the exemption info for every state. And for Canada:

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