Friday, August 22, 2014

Legal News

"Spain has passed a law requiring news aggregators such as Google News to pay publishers a fee if they link to their content. Supporters of the law, nicknamed the ''Google Fee'', say it will prevent copyright infringements. But opponents argue that it limits freedom of expression.
Spain was where the "right to be forgotten" began, with the European Commission recently ruling that individuals can demand Google remove unfavourable links about them from search results. Now a new copyright law is stirring controversy in the country.
Aggregators that don't compensate publishers for using their content could be fined €30,000 to €300,000 ($43,000 to $430,000). Spanish websites risk being blocked if they do not comply with the law, passed last week, even if they are hosted in other countries.
In their blog, the local news aggregation site Meneame said that although it makes money by linking to news stories published by others, it's not enough to cover the fees required under the law. The publishers, meanwhile, make much more from their relationship, the site said. ''Every unique visit derived from Meneame drives revenue for the linked news site that is almost 20 times more than the revenue perceived by Meneame,'' it says."

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paralegals can Give Legal Advice?

man in handcuffsWhy can't paralegals give legal advice?  

It would be considered the unauthorized practice of law. 

Attorneys are regulated by the State Bar (Association) of the state in which they practice.  For the most part, there is no paralegal association in each state that regulates paralegals (I know California has one).
So, if there ever is a problem with the attorney (doesn't contact you, doesn't refund your money if you fire him, etc.), you have recourse with the State Bar of X State.  But if there's a problem with a paralegal, especially one who "practices" on their own (without an attorney supervising him/her, which there should be one, btw), there is no recourse.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ask Legal Questions and Get Answers From A Lawyer

If you have legal questions and you want answers from a lawyer then you may have come to the right site. Lawyers are expensive.That's their job.

If you want lawyer advice or answers to your questions it's going to cost you...Money.

How much do you think it would cost to have your legal questions answered by an attorney? Or an attorney to give you legal advice? Free? No.

lady in court
Free answers from a lawguru? Forget it. A past lawguru? Forget that.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Find A Lawyer. Lawyer Ratings. Legal Questions.Legal Advice

Lawyer Ratings

Legal Advice For Legal Questions : Legal Answers From Lawyers And LawGurus That Can Type

lawyer giving advice to womanQuestion: I would like the name of some agencies who have experience in dealing with civil rights cases. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Answer: There are many web sites that provide information about attorneys. Here are just a few examples: For ratings on attorneys, look at: You can also type into google or yahoo the city and/or state along with the phrase civil rights attorney. (For example, San Diego civil rights attorney).

two lawyers arguingQuestion: I need to file a claim against a hospital for gross negligence, but I have no clue as to how to find a lawyer, and especially one who won't cost me my firstborn. 

Answer: These are the kinds of suits an attorney should take on a contingency basis, meaning that he/she should get a percentage of the settlement you receive. You need to find an attorney who handles medical malpractice cases. Usually the yellow pages will list attorneys by speciality. Sometimes local magazines in larger cities rank attorneys. You might try asking a reference librarian if he/she could help you find some information on attorney ratings. If you have an acquaintance who practices in a different area of the law, you might ask him/her for a recommendation. You should talk with the attorney about his/her fees. As mentioned before, the attorney should take the case on a contingency basis. Expenses should also be discussed. For example, if the case requires expert witnesses, they would need to be compensated for their time.

three men in jailQuestion: wills, trusts, and estate planning? How do you separate the average from the best? 

Answer: A place I've found to be a good source is: They have ratings and reviews for lawyers in all fields of law. In general it's a good place to know about, because you have access to a lawyer if you should need their legal services. If you're seeking a lawyer for any of the above topics you listed. I personally would call a few in your local area, and get a feel for the office. Speaking with the administrative assistant is a good start, it'll tell you alot about their practice. Are they pleasant, abrasive, inpatient? The best thing to do is seek a consultation, you'll get a real good idea of whether you'll want them to represent you or not. Good Luck!

lawyer reading large textbookQuestion: I am looking for a lawyer who can help me before its too late. One that is aggressive and doctors fear! 

Answer: Select the lawyer with the highest BBB ratings and call them and request a copy of their record of successes.~ # Kansas City Lawyers - Find BBB Accredited Lawyers near Kansas ... Find BBB Accredited Lawyers near Kansas City, MO - your guide to trusted Kansas City, MO Lawyers, recommended and BBB Accredited businesses. /lawyers/kansas-city-mo - Cached

How To Get Your Ex Back In A Reasonable Amount Of Time

Getting Your Ex Back
is not impossible.

In my post on how to get your ex back, I often emphasize the value of bouncing back following a break-up. It is vital that you move on with your life - even if your ex is all you can consider about. The cause for that is your ex's opinion of you - she would never ever want to get back together with a desperate, emotionally unstable man who cannot get over a break-up. That is why you need to have to do everything in your energy to pull your self back together and rebuild your life.

When you decided to go along your separate ways, almost certainly by then, you would have never ever even thought of thinking about how to get your ex back. Soon after your anger and hurtful feelings vanished, you will even forget whose thought it was and how the breakup occurred. The only factor now you know is that, you truly want to get your ex back into your life and devote each second together like you did in the old days. But the only difficulty is, you have no thought exactly where to start and what to do. 

Nowadays, I am going to address your contact for help and share some suggestions about what you need to do and what to steer clear of when attempting to win your ex back. And please note that, I have primarily address Males by means of this hub, but it does not mean that there is any distinction for females when attempting to win their ex back. Everyone need to try to stick to the following advises, which will ultimately make your him or her return to your life and never ever leave once more...

The main thing is not to be needy and desperate. Don't contact your ex over and over. That just makes them think they did the RIGHT thing by getting rid of you.

Find A Lawyer. American Bar Association

American Bar Association

Question: The American Bar association is a registry and legal representative of all attorneys in the US. Thank you! 

Answer: Bar exams are administered on a state by state basis. You should go to the state bar site of the state you are interested in and it should tell you. I believe though, that all states hold one bar exam in February and one in July.


Question: My attorney and I were negotiating visitation arrangments with my ex's attorney and reached an agreement that visitation would start the following week, then he filed a contempt of court against me stating that visitation was to start that day even though his attorney agreed that it would not start til the next week, I have several wittness that heard this . His attorney is now lying and saying this was not agreed on but it was!! Can I turn a complaint into the Bar? I think this attorney is just trying to keep this going to make more money off my ex,, but iam paying also!! what should i do,, my ex wont listen. My attorney says we should just try and get along but he also knows that visitation was to start the next week!! and the contempt papers have already been filed! 

Answer: there is a link to report attorneys on the American Bar have to fill out a form. I'm not sure it would be helpful in your situation, unfortunately, if there is nothing in writing, it will be extremely difficult to prove. Your lawyer could help you, but attorney's seem reluctant to turn each other in for some reason. Your best bet would be to get your ex to file the complaint..but if he won't listen, you could give it a try yourself. Good luck!

Question: Okay, so I just finished the police academy, and I realized that I do not want to become a police officer any longer (LONG story). However, I do have a bachelors degree in Criminology & Sociology with a Psychology minor. I have always been interested in law, and would love to pursue a legal education and career. I am in the process of applying to law school; however, I do not think I scored well enough on the LSAT in order to get into my schools. Of late, my mom suggested that as a back up plan I should enroll in my local community college's post-bachelors degree paralegal certification program (it's endorsed by the American Bar Association). She says that with this certification, I can work in a law firm under the direction of attorneys. I myself looked into the job itself via online research and people who have been/currently are in the field. They all say that they love it. My online research also yielded favorable results, suggesting that the career is a decent paying career and can allow you to get your foot in the door for law school, etc. What do you all think? Anybody who is/was a paralegal or attorney that works with paralegals and would like to share the pros and cons of this job?

Answer: Paralegal certification is a joke. The "ABA endorsement" doesn't mean what you think it means. (The ABA is essentially a political action committee and I guarantee to you that ABA endorsement means the ABA is getting paid to provide the endorsement.) There is no testing or licensing associated with being a paralegal - and very few law firms (my own included) do not hire a paralegal based on a certification. If your goal is to become a lawyer, then I absolutely would not recommend that you work as a paralegal or even in a law office. Working in a law office does not allow you to get a foot in the door for law school. But, in my experience, working in a law office makes it much harder for a law student to suceed in law school. (Law school does not reward the practical practice of law.) Apply to lower tiered law schools.

Question: I know that the public defender has a supervisor, but who is the supervisor's supervisor? I am not talking about the American Bar Association. Would you request of the court another public defender? 

Answer: Public defenders have supervising attorneys over them. If you feel the attorney needs to be reported, ask who is the supervising attorney and make the complaint to that person. You can request another public defender, but you must have a very good reason for doing so.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Find A Lawyer. Page 5

Question 20 - Immigration

find a lawyerQuestion: I live in Miami Fl where there are a lot of fake lawyers especially when it comes to immigration. How can I find a good liscensed lawyer to handle immigration lawyers. It does not matter if he is a little expensive, as long as he works well and give good results. Thank you for your help.

Answer: That is so true unfortunately. However, there is the best solution, find a lawyer, talk to him/her, get his/her license number. After, call AILA (phone number on their web site or .com "not sure"). AILA is American Immigration Lawyers Association. Tell them the license number and they will let you know if that lawyer is trusted or not. You can do it online too, but it is always easier to call. 

Question 21 - Child Custody

Question: I am planning on going to court for custody of my son but cannot afford a lawyer, so I will be representing myself. I know the basic questions that would normally be asked. I just don't want to miss any really important questions I could ask like questions that a professional lawyer would ask. So, any suggestions? 

Answer: There is no script for any hearing. Instead, a lawyer first determines what law will govern the decision, what factors will be considered. Then the lawyer tries to figure out what facts exist that are relevant to those considerations and only then does the lawyer try to figure what questions to ask of which witness. What you ask depends on what you are trying to prove.

Question 22 - 1 in 3?

Question: I got a MIP and a speeding ticket for 30 over. My lawyer said he will only come to 1 court date with me, and I have 3. One for a pretrial, one for a settlement conference, and another for jury selection/settlement. My lawyer said he might be able to get me out of the MIP, and he's planning on going to the pretrial with me and that would be all. I feel like the settlement conference would be more important for him to go to, but I could be wrong. What do you think? 

Answer: Your lawyer should be able to attend all three court dates. That's what you're paying him for. If he won't attend all three, then you should find another lawyer.