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American Bar Association

Question: The American Bar association is a registry and legal representative of all attorneys in the US. Thank you! 

Answer: Bar exams are administered on a state by state basis. You should go to the state bar site of the state you are interested in and it should tell you. I believe though, that all states hold one bar exam in February and one in July.


Question: My attorney and I were negotiating visitation arrangments with my ex's attorney and reached an agreement that visitation would start the following week, then he filed a contempt of court against me stating that visitation was to start that day even though his attorney agreed that it would not start til the next week, I have several wittness that heard this . His attorney is now lying and saying this was not agreed on but it was!! Can I turn a complaint into the Bar? I think this attorney is just trying to keep this going to make more money off my ex,, but iam paying also!! what should i do,, my ex wont listen. My attorney says we should just try and get along but he also knows that visitation was to start the next week!! and the contempt papers have already been filed! 

Answer: there is a link to report attorneys on the American Bar have to fill out a form. I'm not sure it would be helpful in your situation, unfortunately, if there is nothing in writing, it will be extremely difficult to prove. Your lawyer could help you, but attorney's seem reluctant to turn each other in for some reason. Your best bet would be to get your ex to file the complaint..but if he won't listen, you could give it a try yourself. Good luck!

Question: Okay, so I just finished the police academy, and I realized that I do not want to become a police officer any longer (LONG story). However, I do have a bachelors degree in Criminology & Sociology with a Psychology minor. I have always been interested in law, and would love to pursue a legal education and career. I am in the process of applying to law school; however, I do not think I scored well enough on the LSAT in order to get into my schools. Of late, my mom suggested that as a back up plan I should enroll in my local community college's post-bachelors degree paralegal certification program (it's endorsed by the American Bar Association). She says that with this certification, I can work in a law firm under the direction of attorneys. I myself looked into the job itself via online research and people who have been/currently are in the field. They all say that they love it. My online research also yielded favorable results, suggesting that the career is a decent paying career and can allow you to get your foot in the door for law school, etc. What do you all think? Anybody who is/was a paralegal or attorney that works with paralegals and would like to share the pros and cons of this job?

Answer: Paralegal certification is a joke. The "ABA endorsement" doesn't mean what you think it means. (The ABA is essentially a political action committee and I guarantee to you that ABA endorsement means the ABA is getting paid to provide the endorsement.) There is no testing or licensing associated with being a paralegal - and very few law firms (my own included) do not hire a paralegal based on a certification. If your goal is to become a lawyer, then I absolutely would not recommend that you work as a paralegal or even in a law office. Working in a law office does not allow you to get a foot in the door for law school. But, in my experience, working in a law office makes it much harder for a law student to suceed in law school. (Law school does not reward the practical practice of law.) Apply to lower tiered law schools.

Question: I know that the public defender has a supervisor, but who is the supervisor's supervisor? I am not talking about the American Bar Association. Would you request of the court another public defender? 

Answer: Public defenders have supervising attorneys over them. If you feel the attorney needs to be reported, ask who is the supervising attorney and make the complaint to that person. You can request another public defender, but you must have a very good reason for doing so.

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