Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Find A Lawyer. Page 5

Question 20 - Immigration

find a lawyerQuestion: I live in Miami Fl where there are a lot of fake lawyers especially when it comes to immigration. How can I find a good liscensed lawyer to handle immigration lawyers. It does not matter if he is a little expensive, as long as he works well and give good results. Thank you for your help.

Answer: That is so true unfortunately. However, there is the best solution, find a lawyer, talk to him/her, get his/her license number. After, call AILA (phone number on their web site or .com "not sure"). AILA is American Immigration Lawyers Association. Tell them the license number and they will let you know if that lawyer is trusted or not. You can do it online too, but it is always easier to call. 

Question 21 - Child Custody

Question: I am planning on going to court for custody of my son but cannot afford a lawyer, so I will be representing myself. I know the basic questions that would normally be asked. I just don't want to miss any really important questions I could ask like questions that a professional lawyer would ask. So, any suggestions? 

Answer: There is no script for any hearing. Instead, a lawyer first determines what law will govern the decision, what factors will be considered. Then the lawyer tries to figure out what facts exist that are relevant to those considerations and only then does the lawyer try to figure what questions to ask of which witness. What you ask depends on what you are trying to prove.

Question 22 - 1 in 3?

Question: I got a MIP and a speeding ticket for 30 over. My lawyer said he will only come to 1 court date with me, and I have 3. One for a pretrial, one for a settlement conference, and another for jury selection/settlement. My lawyer said he might be able to get me out of the MIP, and he's planning on going to the pretrial with me and that would be all. I feel like the settlement conference would be more important for him to go to, but I could be wrong. What do you think? 

Answer: Your lawyer should be able to attend all three court dates. That's what you're paying him for. If he won't attend all three, then you should find another lawyer.

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