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Find A Lawyer. Page 2

find a lawyerQuestion 9 - You're Fired!

Question: I am very disappointed with my current lawyer. What steps do I take to fire her and how long does it take for her to withdraw from my case?, so I can hire a new lawyer. 

Answer: You simply say to your lawyer, "you are fired", tell the judge that you no longer wish to be represented by that person and hire another attorney. Your current lawyer does not have to be either fired or withdraw from your case before you hire another one.

Question 10 - When I Grow Up.

Question: I have always wanted to be a lawyer ever since i was little. I am only 16 and turning 17 very soon and i am taking some extracurricular classes when school gets back in session. those are Business Law, and young lawyers, or something like that. But what some other things i can do, i do read a lot of John Grisham books, they are good, but that won't do much. what are other things i can do to help me so that i can be a lawyer when i grow up? 

Answer: I am 23 and have also wanted to be a lawyer when i was your age, you have some time to go but for now ... Get yourself a cheap LSAT book and start to read over it and do some example ... It is extremely hard but challenging if you enjoy that stuff ... it has nothing to do with law but if you start checking that stuff out now by the time your a junior in college you should be scoring well into the 170's on your LSAT which will pretty much get you in anywhere you want to go.... Get real comfortable with the ?'s and format of the test and you'll be on your way.. Also see if you can intern at a small law firm in your area .. that'll give you the real exposure you need... that's what turned me off from law... but for you it might make you want it even more.

Question 11 - I Want To Be A Divorce Lawyer 

Question: I've always looked into law and I think becoming a divorce lawyer will be best. What schooling and test,exams,courses are required? And same with Family Court?  

Answer: To become a divorce lawyer you need to go to school and get your law degree. To be involved in family court you need to go to family court and get involved. Let me ask you a question that may help. How does anyone get involved in anything? Depending on what aspect of family court you want to get involved with and to what degree, the amount of training and or schooling will vary. You could become a janitor and clean the courtroom with little or no training but if you want to become a lawyer you need to start with basic 101 college stuff. While in college they will let you know what else you need to do.

Question 12 - How Do Lawyers Think?
Question: I want to be lawyer and want to start now. What can i do? 

Answer: Try to be reasonable because lawyers have to be reasonable when defending their side of the jury. Try to develop a method of being good in explaining and linking things and events from each other. Try to study some facts about law and law-making. Think ahead.

Question 13 - I Want A Refund!!!(This makes me SO angry!)

Question: I retained a lawyer and terminated the contract because he never returned my calls and canceled three appointments. Now I can't get him to give me a refund on my retainer fee. 

Answer: You should contact the GA bar directly. The numbers for attorney discipline are (800) 334-6865 ext. 720 or (404) 527-8720. It would be helpful if you had the times/dates for your calls, and you may have to give some basic info about your case. Unless the lawyer had a very good reason for cancelling your appointments, this type of behavior is what gets most lawyers in trouble. Calls should be returned within 48 hours and you shouldn't cancel meetings with clients. Good luck.

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